Dithmarschen again limits contact to two people

Contact restrictions in the northern German district town of Heide

Due to a sharp increase in new corona infections In the Schleswig-Holstein Heide from Saturday stricter protective measures apply again . So there will again be the contact restriction in public space that a maximum of two people from different households may meet, said District Administrator Stefan Mohrdieck on Thursday at a press conference in the state capital Kiel.

in the district town (Kreis Dithmarschen) public events should also be suspended until the Infection numbers drop again. The Heider weekly market can only be visited with mouth-nose protection. The customer inflows to the shops would be slowed down somewhat. In addition, the tests would be expanded.

On Wednesday were according to the district administrator 13 further corona infections have been identified in the district , six of them in Heide. In total there have been in the past seven days in a circle Dithmarschen 44 New infections, most of them in heath. (dpa)

In the United States, economic activity in the second quarter plunged to unprecedented levels as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. From April to June inclusive, gross domestic product (GDP) contracted by the year 32, 9 percent, as the US government announced on Thursday in a first estimate.

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More than 20. 000 Corona tests in Hanoi

In the Vietnamese capital Hanoi tens of thousands of people are said to the corona virus has been tested. More than 20. 000 residents who had previously visited the Corona hotspot Da Nang, The local authorities said that a text message had been asked to be tested for the virus within three days . In the coastal city of Da Nang, infections were again recorded for the first time last weekend after the Southeast Asian country almost 100 for days had reported no local infection with the corona virus.

Die Government wants to try to prevent a second wave of viruses. On Thursday nine new cases were reported in Vietnam, the total number rose to 459. Most infections were in a hospital in Da Nang, where 28 patients were tested positive. The city was largely closed off. Two new cases have been confirmed in Hanoi, which has a population of around eight million. All cafes and bars in the city were closed, and larger crowds were again banned. (dpa)

Wrong corona statement: Three Australians face imprisonment

Three women from Brisbane, Australia, face a prison sentence of several years for the introduction of the corona virus to Queensland and the alleged falsification of their border declarations. The trio between 19 and 21 years ago was in traveled to the Corona hotspot Melbourne in Victoria and got the virus there – but on the journey home the three women are said to have given false information in order to avoid quarantine , Australian media reported on Thursday.

The authorities were now trying to find out exactly where the young women were stopped and who they were in contact with. It is believed that she was at a party in Melbourne with 20 to 30 guests, which was later ended by the police . There has been a strict lockdown in Melbourne for more than three weeks due to a sharp increase in corona infections.

The charge of fraud in Australia would be up to five years in prison, wrote the newspaper “The Australian”. In addition, the women could be fined around for violating the public health law. . 300 Australian dollar (8000 Euro) A police spokeswoman described the behavior of women as “fraudulent and criminal” and emphasized: “We will not tolerate this behavior, which puts people in danger, at our borders.” The case caused a lot of attention in Australia. (dpa)

Easy relaxation in corona hotspots

According to information, there are in Spain the authorities signs of a decrease in daily registered corona infections in the particularly affected regions of Barcelona and Lleida . The renewed spread of the virus, particularly in these two regions, has severely damaged the country's important tourism sector because European countries such as Germany again advise against vacation trips to certain areas and the UK even has a forced quarantine for all returnees from Spain . Many holidaymakers therefore canceled their reservations. The newspaper “La Vanguardia” reported on Thursday, citing information from the health authorities, that the number of reproductions (R), which indicates how many more people are infected, has dropped significantly in both areas of Catalonia.

In the inland city of Lleida and surrounding communities in the Segià region, the R value has been below 1 since last Saturday , which according to the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) shows that the virus is on the retreat here. The authorities have now lifted some of the strict exit restrictions for about 69 000 affected people and also ended the closure of the region.

Also in the tourist metropolis Barcelona and the southern suburb of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, where the R-value had been 3 at times, the infection rate decreased, but was still slightly higher 1 , the newspaper continued. “The trend is good, but there are still many cases,” said UPC University scientist Clara Prats. All precautions should be maintained to keep the R value below 1. The authorities had largely restricted nightlife, banned larger gatherings and asked people to leave the house only for urgent reasons. (dpa)

Ein Mann mit Mundschutz geht durch die Innenstadt von Lleida.
A man with a face mask walks through downtown Lleida. Image: David Zorrakino / dpa

US government asks citizens to pay with coins

because of The corona pandemic in the USA is not out of change – the government in Washington has therefore called on people to do more with it Pay coins. “The problem is that the circulation was virtually stopped because the shops and banks were closed,” said the head of the Federal Reserve Reserve, Jerome Powell, in front of journalists on Wednesday (local time).

The government appealed to citizens, either issue your coin money in shops or deposit it at your bank . Powell said the government has created a “coin task force” to tackle the problem.

Many US residents still paid Citizens not with debit or other bank cards, said the coin maker US Mint recently. “For millions of Americans, cash is the only form of payment, and cash payments are based on the fact that there are coins to exchange.”

This year, 1.6 billion coins per month would be made, US said Mint. Over the past few years, around one billion coins have been produced every month. (AFP)

Australia reports record numbers of new infections

Despite a two-week curfew in Melbourne, the Corona case numbers continue to rise in the Australian state of Victoria After several outbreaks in retirement homes, Australia reported a record number of new infections nationwide on Thursday – and registered the highest death toll since the pandemic began. In the state of Victoria alone were within 24 hours 13 deaths and 723 New infections recorded . The nationwide record had recently at 549 New infections located.

Victoria's Prime Minister Daniel Andrews indicated that the increase in deaths could be related to the latest herds of infection in retirement homes. Most of the last to Covid – 19 Accordingly, the dead were over 70 Year old.

Australia had the spread of the novel coronavirus first successfully contained. The government gave the all-clear in April, and the Corona rules were relaxed all over the country . However, the coastal metropolis of Melbourne has seen a dramatic increase in new infections since mid-June. The causes include security gaps in hotels in which vacationers who have returned from abroad have been placed in quarantine.

Exit restrictions have been in effect in Melbourne for more than two weeks, and the metropolis was the first city in Australia to require a mask. Because of the increase in the number of cases in old people's homes, the government has now also sent specially trained emergency services to Melbourne, who are normally used abroad in the event of natural disasters . (AFP)

Im Seniorenheim
There were a particularly large number of cases in the “Epic Garden” retirement home. Image: William West / AFP

Economic output in Germany plummeted significantly in the second quarter as a result of the Corona crisis. Gross domestic product (GDP) shrank compared to the previous quarter 10, 1 percent, like the Federal Statistical Office on Thursday in Wiesbaden in a first Estimate announced. At the same time, the Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg announced that the number of unemployed in Germany rose from June to July at a seasonal rate.

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Ein Arzt umarmt eine Krankenschwester in einem Krankenhaus in Houston, Texas.
A doctor hugs a nurse in a hospital in Houston, Texas. Image: REUTERS / Callaghan O'Hare

More than 150. 000 Corona dead in the USA – a Dead people per minute

In the USA are meanwhile more than 150. 000 People after an infection with the coronavirus died . This comes from data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. So far there have been around 4.4 million confirmed infections with the pathogen Sars-CoV-2 in the USA.

The number of victims in the USA , a country with around 330 million inhabitants, is the highest so far in absolute numbers worldwide. Brazil currently ranks second with almost 90. 000 dead . Relative to the number of inhabitants, however, the number of victims is higher in Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Sweden than in the USA.

On Wednesday died according to the Reuters news agency 1461 People on or with a corona infection. This is the highest value since 27. May. This corresponds arithmetically to one death per minute. The highest mortality rate for residents, however, was not the USA, but Belgium. (Reuters / dpa)

The restaurant association Dehoga calls for clarification of the 16 State governments, whether and how the police evaluate the Corona guest lists necessary for restaurant visits. “This is extremely sensitive,” said Dehoga managing director Ingrid Hartges of the Düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” (Thursday).

The restaurants are obliged to collect personal data of their guests so that the health authorities can use them in the event of a Covid 19 – disease can identify other potentially infected people . (dpa)

White house “not optimistic” with new Corona aid package

In the dispute over a new one Corona aid package in the US, despite the expiring support for millions of unemployed, no agreement is in sight. “I am not optimistic that we will reach any kind of comprehensive agreement” , White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said in Washington on Wednesday (local time).

Meadows had previously met with the chair of the US House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi then criticized the White House aid package and the leadership of the Republicans as insufficient.

The Republicans have proposed a new corona relief package with a volume of around $ 1 trillion (860 billion euros). From the perspective of the Democrats, this is not enough. The additional federal support for unemployed in the amount of is particularly controversial Dollars per week, which so far has been paid in addition to the help of the states and which the Republicans want to significantly reduce. The underlying March aid package expires at the end of the month. The protection of defaulting tenants from eviction ended last Friday. (dpa)

Ultimately we have to enforce law and ultimately also with coercion.

Jörg Radek, Vice-Chief of the Police Union

Police union: Corona tests as a last resort with coercion

Mandatory corona tests for returning travelers could, according to the GdP police union, be used by the police as a last resort by force. “In the end, we have to enforce law and ultimately also with coercion,” said Jörg Radek, vice-chief of the police union (GdP), the editorial network Germany (RND). “If the administrative order for the corona test is to be enforced by force, it is the job of the police.” The decision must be made at the state level.

The unionist called on travelers to cooperate. “The compulsory test requires a high degree of understanding from the population, because such a test is an intervention in physical integrity,” said Radek. “Basically, you have to weigh up the physical integrity of the individual and the interests of society. Here we have a case that we have not had in social interaction. ”He expects to be willing to do voluntary corona tests, Radek emphasized.

Especially for returnees from international high-risk areas with high corona cases, a test obligation should come when entering Germany. Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has announced an order for it, which should come into force next week. The cost of the free The state is expected to carry out tests. The federal government should increase the subsidy to the statutory health insurance.

The chairman of the Left Bundestag faction, Dietmar Bartsch, rejects the planned takeover of Costs from the federal government. “There is no reason why the seller or the people who have decided not to travel abroad due to caution or lack of money should now pay the costs for the tests of all travelers,” Bartsch told the RND. The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach called for a quick and unbureaucratic solution. “If we did not bear the costs, the high-risk devices would not be able to be tested. In other words, the people who act ruthlessly at holiday resorts, such as most recently in Spain, ”he told the RND. (dpa)

Brasilia: Ein Regierungsangestellter in Schutzanzug desinfiziert eine staatliche Schule in der Nachbarschaft der Taguatinga inmitten der Corona-Pandemie.
Brasilia: A government employee in protective suit disinfects one state school in the neighborhood of Taguatinga in the middle of the Corona pandemic. Image: Eraldo Peres / AP / dpa

Corona records in Brazil for deaths and new infections

The Ministry of Health in Brasília reported on Wednesday evening (Local time) 69 0 74 new infections within 24 hours. All in all, 2 have been 265 Cases registered.

Also those newly reported on Wednesday 1595 Deaths are a new sad record. However, the state did São Paulo previously – according to a report by the newspaper “Folha de Sao Paulo” for technical reasons – its dat held back on Tuesday, which somewhat distorts the daily count. With the newly registered deaths, Brazil broke the mark of 90 000 Corona dead. Only in the United States have so far more infections and deaths been recorded in the corona pandemic.

The actual numbers in Brazil are likely to be much higher, also because the country tests very little. Scientific studies suggest that at least seven times as many people have been infected as previously known, and twice as many as recorded died. Brazil has 210 million inhabitants and is 24 times the size of Germany.

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro had the corona virus closed The beginning of the pandemic downplayed as “little flu” and thus caused confusion among the population about the seriousness of the disease. He also did not want to take any measures for containment for economic reasons and rejected protective measures. (dpa)

More than 150. 000 Corona dead in the USA – a Dead people per minute

In the USA are meanwhile more than 150. 000 People after an infection with the coronavirus died . This comes from data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. So far there have been around 4.4 million confirmed infections with the pathogen Sars-CoV-2 in the USA.

The number of victims in the USA , a country with around 330 million inhabitants, is the highest so far in absolute numbers worldwide. Brazil currently ranks second with almost 90. 000 dead . Relative to the number of inhabitants, however, the number of victims in Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Sweden is higher than in the United States.

On Wednesday died according to the Reuters news agency 1461 People on or with a corona infection. This is the highest value since 27. May. This corresponds arithmetically to one death per minute. (Reuters / dpa)

Monthly high for new infections in France

In France report the authorities 1392 new coronavirus cases. This is the highest increase in over a month. Overall, 185. 196 people infected with the pathogen. 15 People died of Covid disease – 19. This increases the number of fatal courses 30. 238. (Reuters)

Record of new infections in Israel

The number of daily new infections with the corona virus is in Israel rose to a record high. The country's health ministry announced on Wednesday that the previous day was 2104 cases have been reported – more than ever in one day. A value of 2000 New infections per day were last seen as a brand for more severe restrictions up to a complete lockdown.

In mid-May the number of daily new infections still had located in the double-digit range. After rapid easing, however, the numbers have skyrocketed since the end of May. For comparison: According to the Robert Koch Institute, the health authorities in Germany last reported 684 new infections within a day. Germany has about nine times as many inhabitants as Israel.

Overall, in Israel so far 67 734 Infected registered. There have been active cases almost recently 34 521, thereof 328 very sick. 491 People have died after a corona infection.

Proteste gegen die Corona-Politik der israelischen Regierung in Jerusalem
Protests against the Israeli government's corona policy in Jerusalem Image: Ahmad Gharabli / AFP

If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was praised for his crisis management at the start of the pandemic, he and his government are now facing protests. The crisis is weighing on the economy, unemployment is over 20 percent. For weeks now, Netanyahu opponents have been taking to the streets . Israel's new Corona officer Ronni Gamzu now wants to involve the army more against the virus.

Police Minister Amir Ochana has also come under criticism, accuse the opponent of wanting to suppress the protests against Netanyahu. Violence broke out on Tuesday evening after a demonstration in front of Ochana's house in Tel Aviv. Suspected members of a right-wing hooligan group are reported to be among the Protesters mixed and attacked them. According to the police, three suspects were believed to have been involved in the attacks. Five people were reportedly injured. (dpa)

Künstler Itay Zalait vor einer Protest-Installation, die den Ministerpräsidenten Netanjahu beim
Artist Itay Zalait in front of a protest installation showing Prime Minister Netanyahu at the “Last Supper”. Calls for his resignation have been getting louder lately. Image: Jack Guez / AFP

Over-mortality in Europe was at the height of the Corona crisis 50 Percent

At the climax the Corona crisis in Europe was the Mortality according to the French statistical office Insee at 50 percent . The data published on Wednesday refer to the week of 30. March to April 6, in which the number of deaths increased by half compared to previous years. According to this, Spain, Italy, Belgium and France had the highest values, in Germany the over-mortality rate in the period was four percent.

Mortality is a higher death rate than other periods or expected values ​​. Using the data, scientists are trying to estimate how many people have died from the effects of a corona infection .

While in recent years the number of deaths in the EU countries tended to decrease in March after the annual flu season, according to Insee it rose sharply this year on. Data from Great Britain – the country most affected by the pandemic in Europe – did not flow in the survey, since it is no longer a member of the EU.

Trauerzeremonie für die Corona-Toten in Spanien
Mourning ceremony for the corona dead in Spain Image: dpa

Spain indicated in the week examined with 155 percent the highest mortality rate, followed by 91 percent in Belgium, 67 percent in Italy and 60 percent in France, as reported by Insee. According to the data, more men died than women, and especially people of old age died 70 years. Since then, the mortality rate has been gradually declining across Europe, and there was no increased mortality in early May.

Insee made clear differences in over-mortality between EU countries and even between regions within Member States. According to the authority, these were due, among other things, to differences in age structure and population density, access to medical care, the time and manner in which the exit restrictions were lifted. (AFP)

Coronavirus is also spreading in Syria

The coronavirus is spreading according to the United Nations, more and more in the civil war country of Syria . “Cases have now been confirmed in all but one of the Syrian provinces. UN employees who work in Syria are also affected by the disease “, said UN emergency aid coordinator Mark Lowcock on Wednesday in the UN Security Council in New York according to speech manuscript. The number of confirmed infections is relatively small at a few hundred, but the United Nations anticipated a high number of unreported cases.

Syria is in a severe economic crisis because of the war and severe economic sanctions in western countries. Millions of people rely on humanitarian aid. After tough negotiations, the most powerful UN body, under pressure from Russia in mid-July, agreed that the cross-border aid deliveries by the United Nations to non-government-controlled areas would only be limited via a border crossing to continue. “We're working on the operational challenges that come with your decision,” said Lowcock. (dpa)

Am Flughafen Frankfurt gibt es bereits ein Corona-Testzentrum
There is already a Corona test center at Frankfurt Airport Image: Boris Roessler / dpa / dpa-tmn

New Corona test center is being built at Frankfurt Airport

The State of Hesse is preparing on Frankfurt Airport presented a new corona test center for returnees from risk areas . The tests for the virus should be free of charge there, as Minister of Economics Tarek Al-Wazir and Minister of Social Affairs Kai Klose (both Greens) said on a visit on Wednesday. The center is to be opened within a few days at the transition between Terminal 1 and the long-distance train station at the airport. This is in the immediate vicinity of the existing test center, which is operated by a private company and in which the smears for testing for the corona virus are chargeable.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to publish a regulation shortly, which makes free tests mandatory for returnees from high-risk areas are introduced. The Federal Government wants to prevent the spread of the corona virus by returning travelers. “The mandatory tests for travelers returning from risk areas will help to prevent chains of infection and keep the number of new infections at a low level”, explained Al-Wazir and Klose: “We are now moving all levers in order to be able to quickly provide the test capacities required for this.” (epd)

Instead of putting on masks, passengers insult a bus driver in Darmstadt. Then the situation escalates. This is not the first attack of this kind.

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