“We are very concerned about the latest development”

The President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is extremely concerned about the rise in the number of infections in Germany. “The latest developments in the number of cases make me and everyone at the Robert Koch Institute very concerned,” said Lothar Wieler on Tuesday morning at a press conference. “We are in the middle of a rapidly developing pandemic.”

On Tuesday, the RKI 633 reported new infections within 24 hours. At the weekend, this number had even increased to around 800 two days in a row. Overall, further cases had been confirmed across Germany 3611 in the past seven days.

In principle, Germany is able to contain the virus. That would have shown the lower infection numbers and deaths of the past weeks. “The increase is related to the fact that we have become careless,” said Wieler. But he also admitted: “Unfortunately we never had a stable below 300 per day. That was my hope.”

Ute Rexroth, Head of the Surveillance Department at the RKI, emphasized that the increase in the number of cases was not due to a district or a hotspot – just like the recent corona outbreak at the Tönnies slaughterhouse. “It affects many states,” said Rexroth. The increase is “diffuse”.

While in the meantime over 150 counties did not show any new infections for seven days , today there are only 95 counties. Rexroth also emphasized. “We are concerned about this happening.”

Contrary to what was feared, the new infections do not primarily affect returning travelers. The majority of them got infected in Germany – at family celebrations, at meetings with friends, in care facilities, at work. Wieler called the fact that some celebrated parties despite the risk of infection “without consideration and negligence”.

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Is there now a second wave of corona in Germany in view of the increasing numbers? The RKI President emphasized that Germany is now in charge of this. He appealed to the people to follow the corona rules, to keep 1, 50 meters, to follow hand hygiene and one Wear mouth-nose protection. “And I ask you to wear the nose and throat cover properly. Over the mouth and nose.”

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Citizens would have to comply with these rules for months to come. Nobody should question them anymore. In addition, it was still important to keep the number of close contacts low. “Let us ensure that as few people as possible fall ill, that we lose as few as possible through this disease.”

Despite the increase in the number of infections, the RKI spoke in favor of opening schools after the summer holidays , however, there should be hygiene concepts for this. “It must not happen that the students mix too much,” said Wieler. Units would have to be formed in which the students would also be away during the breaks.

The RKI boss also commented on traveling by plane. On the plane, the likelihood of getting infected is not so high, since the air is circulated there very well. However, he could not say whether people were infected in connection with air travel.