These are the front lines in one of the dirtiest Rose War processes

That the aspiring actress Amber Heard and the long-established – and 23 years older – Hollywood -Icon, Johnny Depp, should have said something nice to each other at some point – it seems unimaginable. In court, the two of them had exposed each other so publicly in the past three weeks that the losers had already been determined without the verdict being pronounced: the actors not only dismantled each other – but also themselves.

Heard and Depp met 2011 while filming “The Rum Diary”. The wedding followed four years later, the year after the separation – and finally a violent war of roses. Not about real estate or money, but about reputation. The US actress accused her ex-husband of repeatedly abusing her verbally and physically during his alcohol and drug excesses.

2016 she posted a selfie of herself with a clearly visible blue Stain on the cheek.

Dan Wootton, editor-in-chief of the British newspaper “The Sun”, described Depp 2018 in an article as a “wife thug”. In the post, he criticizes the writer Joanne K. Rowling for giving Depp a role in the film adaptation of “Fantastic Beasts”. Depp then sued the newspaper – and this lawsuit is still at issue. The closing statements will be read out on Tuesday. If the newspaper is right, Amber Heard would also be indirectly involved.

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In the midst of the # MeToo debate, the case seemed to be solved quickly: Depp, who could never really lose his Captain-Jack-Sparrow image – should go to the old ones belong to white men, for whom women are primarily there to deliver: sexual, caring and entertaining. The young, modern Amber Heard, who likes to take pictures of herself on Instagram and write articles about her homosexuality for “Teen Vogue”, is said to have fallen victim to the old chauvinist.

Johnny Depp triff ebenfalls am Dienstag im Londoner Gericht ein.

Johnny Depp will also arrive at the London court on Tuesday. Photo: Matt Crossick / imago images

Three weeks later, however, the stereotypes have completely reversed: Now Heard is the “hysterical” ex-woman who threw vodka bottles at her husband at the time, slapped him in the face and defeced into his bed to give him a ” Prank “to play. A former employee accuses her of having spent a rape she had told her about in confidence as her own.

Former friends agree with Depp on

Meanwhile, Depp's ex-wife, Vanessa Paradies and his former girlfriend Winona Ryder agree to him via video messages, assuring him that he never hit her. Depp himself reports of depressive episodes before the court. And yes, once he had become violent and destroyed a hotel room in a frenzy, but he just smashed the sofa – no one was harmed.

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His alcohol and drug excesses nobody glosses over, but Depp also finds a way out: Heard accuses him of also being addicted. When the “Sun” lawyer Sasha Wass remarked that she had been drinking two or three glasses of wine in the evening, Depp said: “Rather two or three bottles!”

Meanwhile throws Defense lawyer Wass, Depp on Monday before using “old-fashioned methods to discredit women”. They would have portrayed Heard as a “gold digger and adulterer” whom Depp had only married to become better known. Depp was “a hopeless addict who repeatedly lost his self-control and ability to contain his anger.”

How the verdict will be delivered in the coming weeks is still uncertain. The only thing that is certain is that another trial will follow in the USA, where Depp directly accused his ex-wife after reporting on her experiences of violence in an article in the “Washington Post” – but without mentioning Depp's name.