Suspected group rape – today the judgments are spoken

The process has been running since June 2019. Just over a year and 43 negotiation days later in the sensational trial of alleged group rape of a 18 -Year-old, the judgments are pronounced.

Accused before the Freiburg Regional Court are eleven men who were between 18 and 30 years old. Most of the defendants are refugees: eight Syrians, two men from Iraq and Algeria, and one German without a migration background.

They are accused of 18 – In the middle of October 2018 at night in front of a disco in Freiburg in the bushes, raped or did not help her. A medical doctor testified that the young woman was defenseless and helpless at the time of the crime after taking an ecstasy tablet.

One after the other and at the same time they are said to have abused the woman. It is said that it took two and a half hours for the men to release their victim. When the 18 year old came to the disco, one of the accomplices is said to have helped her. According to the police, DNA was later found on the woman by several defendants. Many suspects denied rape or remained silent in court.

An acquittal is expected to be acquitted

The beginning of the trial last year was already heated: as the 11 accused in the hall , one of the men scolded loudly in Arabic, pointing his extended middle finger at photographers, judicial officers and spectators.

The indictment pleaded imprisonment between three and eight for eight suspects in custody five and a half years and on juvenile sentences between two and ten months and four and a half years.

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Two defendants who have not been imprisoned are to be sentenced to probation for failure to provide assistance, to seven months 'imprisonment or seven months' youth sentence. Another prosecutor, who is also no longer in custody, pleaded acquittal. The defense lawyers have largely asked for acquittals for their clients.

The case led to a nationwide debate on foreign crime. Only one of the young men has a German passport. The defendants said they were not guilty at the trial and said the woman had sex with them by mutual consent. (dpa, AFP)