NRW integration minister horrified by Düsseldorf's OB hostage

North Rhine-Westphalia's Minister of Integration Joachim Stamp (FDP) has heavily criticized Düsseldorf's Mayor Thomas Geisel (SPD) for cooperating with the controversial rapper Farid Bang. “I am appalled that the mayor of a cosmopolitan and diverse city like Düsseldorf has made such a rapper hopeful,” said Stamp of the “Rheinische Post”. Despite massive criticism, Geisel had a video of the rapper published, in which the celebrating young people admonished respect for the Corona rules.

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Geisel also planned to publish a joint video with the Düsseldorf rapper criticized for anti-women and anti-Semitic texts. Geisel waived this in the NRW local elections on 13. September is fighting for re-election, however.

He knows that Farid Bang is a “very controversial figure”, said Geisel on Wednesday in Düsseldorf. “I think some of what he did is disgusting.” But the musician regretted his earlier lyrics. The video campaign was criticized by politicians and the Jewish community.

With the Farid Bang video, the state capital wanted to reach a target group that was not accessible to other representatives of the city, said hostage. Specifically, it is about young people who did not comply with the Corona rules at night in the old town on the popular banks of the Rhine, drank a lot of alcohol, did not follow the instructions of the security services, let the car engines roar in Poser scenes and even did their relic on the street.

Düsseldorfs Oberbürgermeister Thomas Geisel

Düsseldorf Mayor Thomas Geisel Photo: Roberto Pfeil / dpa

This picture was dominated by young men and, above all, men with a migration background, said Geisel. There is a risk that a parallel society will develop. Every contribution to defuse the situation should be used so as not to experience scenes like those in Cologne, Stuttgart or Frankfurt.

According to dpa information, Geisel himself had the old town in one night visited to get an idea of ​​the situation. “There are conditions that we don't want in Düsseldorf,” said Geisel. Even if Düsseldorf's old town is the “longest bar in the world”, rules of cooperation should still apply there.

Farid Bang donated 4400 mouth-nose masks

In the video, Farid Bang advertises respect for the security service and compliance with the distance rules. “Behave, stop making nonsense, otherwise I'll pull your ears out,” says the 34 – year old in it. In spring he also donated 4400 mouth-nose masks for the Düsseldorf fire brigade. Only last weekend, according to the city, there were bottle throws against police officers and spitting attacks on employees of the public order office.

The Jewish Community of Düsseldorf showed understanding for “the importance of targeting specific target groups”, especially when it comes to corona virus. “A role model of Farid Bang in this context against the background of his texts and statements can and must certainly be discussed controversially,” it said in a press release.

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The rapper friends Kollegah and Farid Bang had 2018 triggered a scandal when her song “0815 ”with the line“ My body more defined than by Auschwitz inmates ”was awarded the“ Echo ”. The music prize was abolished – after criticism of the award winners' rap lyrics, which were rated as anti-Semitic and mocked by victims of the Nazi dictatorship.

In a city press release, Farid Bang regretted it again Text: “That was a big mistake, for which I have apologized several times. Nothing is further from me than to mock the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. I have nothing to do with anti-Semitism. ”

Geisel's challenger criticizes the OB sharply

The FDP politician Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, one of Geisel's challengers in the OB election, said she would help those who did not follow the Rules of civilized and respectful dealings, “oppose the power of the rule of law”. The Greens OB candidate Stefan Engstfeld asked Geisel to stop the video immediately. “Farid Bang must not be an ambassador for the city of Düsseldorf or speak to young people on their behalf.”

A sharp reaction also came from the anti-Semitism officer of the NRW state government, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP). The campaign is an affront to everyone who works for an open and tolerant society, she told the Rheinische Post.

Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger has commissioned a study on anti-Semitism in the German gangster rap scene. “This study will provide an overview of the effects music has on young people's anti-Semitic attitudes. We want to enlighten and open our eyes. ”

The video with Farid Bang is part of a city awareness campaign in which prominent Düsseldorfers promote order in the old town in Corona times. According to reports, the Toten Hosen as well as the antelope Gang and the Broilers were requested, but are said to have canceled. (dpa)